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2a Bayview Terrace Claremont


10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Sundays by appointment only

Please phone Michael or Faye for an appointment on 0481828919

or call 

08 6311 2866

Welcome to Majestic Persian Carpets. Your Boutique of Timeless Creations and Investments direct from Masters loom to your living space.


We are internationally based since 1960 but proudly Australian. Many of our outstanding pieces use Australian Wool supporting the local economy.

We have a vast collection of finest Persian carpets as individual as you. We offer free interior design and home approvals.


Our Gilt Edged Securities collection is designed and created  by renowned international Master who in 2020 was listed by UNESCO as LIVING HUMAN TREASURE. In the words of one of our clients a local medical doctor  who wrote:  " to me they are the Most Sublime Creation of Mankind. They elevate the soul and give glory to God." 

Our timeless Persian carpets whether traditional and or contemporary are all handcrafted, with expertise and workmanship passed down through the years. Our rugs are distinguished by their meticulous attention to detail, history and most importantly quality.

Our collections of Persian rugs are works of art that are noted for their vibrant natural hues and exotic designs. They're constructed of organic wool, silk, and cotton, and they're hand-dyed with natural dyes. The time and effort put into each phase of the process, as well as the emphasis on good quality, contribute to the overall beauty of these rugs.

Every Persian carpet has its own tale to tell, one that is unique to the weaver who made it, and the symbolism linked with the colours and designs is an anthropological study in and of itself.


Come see for yourself why our Persian Carpets are the best and an investment and not just a purchase!

2a Bayview Terrace CLAREMONT (next door to the post office)

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2a Bayview Terrace Claremont


10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Sundays by appointment only 

Please call Michael or Faye 

on 0481 828 919

or 08 6311 2866

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